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Barracuda Swimworks - Iris House in East Hill

We love our location and we hope you do, too. On over an acre on Carpenter's Creek, she's a grand old dame - mid-century modern - and we are giving her some much needed TLC. Beth has had her eye on iris House for eight years and has dreamt of bringing Barracuda Swimworks to this location, with the large heated pool, unusual architecture and beautiful surroundings. Work will continue to bring Iris House and the grounds to their original glory. 


This is a neighborhood and a private home. Drop-ins without prior notice are not encouraged.  Please call 850-400-4010 or email Beth at Barracuda Swimworks for more information.

Contact Beth


Available Parking

Lessons are staggered so that there should always be plenty of available parking. It is available in the yard above the curb & on the street. There is one spot inside the driveway in the yard. The last option is to park in the driveway because it is the hardest to get out. While the neighbors are friendly & cooperative, please try your best to only park at Iris House so that they remain warm & welcoming. 

Be Considerate...

 Please cooperate with each other in the inevitability that someone gets blocked in & remember that as you are coming in, someone else is leaving.