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The Emerald Coast’s Swimming Authority

The Emerald Coast’s Swimming AuthorityThe Emerald Coast’s Swimming AuthorityThe Emerald Coast’s Swimming Authority

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In an effort to help with the containment effort, we will be closing Barracuda until May 1 and cancelling all traditional group lessons indefinitely. Private lessons and makeups are pending considering the latest news and recommendations from health and government officials. 

While our lessons are outdoors, we do not feel it is presently appropriate to continue when such extreme measures are underway to stop community spread. We are apart of the community and as citizens, we are concerned with safety first and foremost. We must do our part to help and not hamper this effort. 

We are monitoring the situation closely and are consulting with professionals to see if and when private lessons may commence.

In the meantime, we are coming up with ways in which we can still learn - such as video-led bathtub swim lessons, personality testing research to identify high-risk drowning MBTI personality types, cyber-swim lessons and instruction, and private parent-led instructor facilitated swim lessons.

Parents are always the best teachers; you have the most to lose and the most to gain. Safe learning through social distancing is possible. Let us show you how.

How to Schedule

For any scheduling questions, please email or call or text BSW at 850.400.4010


To schedule private lessons 

1. Visit the Barracuda Swimworks Square Appointments Scheduler to get on the schedule. Do not sign up for makeups or comps unless you have had prior approval. 

2. Email BSW at and let us know that you are on the schedule and need an invoice to check out. 

3. You will receive an invoice which will include a $15 annual family registration fee (due every spring) an attachment that includes some instructions, a copy of your Square appointment dates and times, and a link (in the Message section) to an online form that must be filled out in order to swim. If you cannot find the link, contact BSW so that you can get a copy of the link.

4. You must pay for your spot within 24 hours of booking. Cancelling your spot upon nonpayment is not personal - we want you here! But spots cannot be held. Nonpayment presents an administrative difficulty with hundreds of appointment spots on top of water time. Please keep it simple and book when you are ready to make payment. 

5. Currently, Square is not allowing booking past 90 days, however we certainly want to fill those Summer spots. If you are wanting to book for Summer and it is outside the 90 day opening, please email Beth and she will personally schedule you.

Private Minis

Stroke Correction

Private Lessons

Pensacola Barracuda swim lessons Beth Barr

(6 Months - 99 years) 

COST: $20 per 15 minute lesson

Affordable private mini-lessons for beginners Great for infants and beginner swimmers of all ages. 

Can be a part of a combo custom package of Private and Mini-Lessons tailored to your budget. 

Contact for details. 

Effective with consistency & long-term dedication.    

 NOT FOR SPECIAL NEEDS STUDENTS OR CHILDREN WITH EXTREME FEAR AS AN INTRODUCTORY CLASS. Students may move into these later once established with the instructor. 

Private Lessons

Stroke Correction

Private Lessons


 (1 Year - 99 years)   

COST: $45 for 30 minutes

$40/30 minute lesson if 

4+ 30 minutes spots are booked at a time.

Lessons or Instruction For Beginners & Intermediate Swimmers

Depending on the age, 60 minutes can be booked for children or siblings. 

Survival swim (safety-centered) or Intermediate Strokes (Introduction to Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke & Butterfly). To learn strokes, student must be over the age of 6 and must pass at survival swimming (swim-breathe-float-swim) test.


Can be a part of a combo custom package of Private and Mini-Lessons tailored to your budget. 

Contact for details. 

Stroke Correction

Stroke Correction

Stroke Correction

Pensacola Barracuda swim lessons Beth Barr


 For competitive swimmers, triathletes, open water swimmers, high school swimmers, masters, and fitness swimmers. 

Includes race strategy, training and planning consulting. 

 $45/30 minutes - $40/30 minutes if book more than 4 swim lessons.  

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