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Pensacola swim lessons Beth Barr Olympian

Beth Barr

 Beth Barr is an Olympic silver medalist in swimming and was recently named one of the top ten all-time greatest athletes from Pensacola. She is a graduate of the University of Texas and has over thirty years’ experience working with children, competitive athletes and adults, both online and in the water. She is CPR/First Aid Certified. 

 After building a solid and loyal client base, Barr had to discontinue swimming for a couple of years for health reasons. She is very excited to get back in the water get back to doing what she loves and does best. 


Pensacola swim lessons Beth Barr Olympian Barracuda

Barracuda Swimworks

 Beth started Barracuda Swimworks in Arizona in to serve the needs of triathletes, competitive swimmers and masters swimmers, however, her rapid success with a few neighborhood children propelled her toward a world she thought she had left behind in her college years - teaching beginner swim lessons.   As a mother, the responsibility brought new importance. It was no longer about blowing bubbles and kicking on the wall. It was about saving lives and teaching a lifetime love for the water.  Her decision to bring Barracuda Swimworks back to her hometown of Pensacola, FL is her way giving back to the community that  contributed to making her one of the top backstrokers in the world. 

Pensacola swim lessons Beth Barr Olympian Barracuda

We believe...


  • Simple steps are the building blocks to long term success. 
  • Through kinesthetic manipulation, sensory integration, and motor imagery, challenging skills can be acquired with greater ease. 
  • Parental education and involvement is crucial for the development of safe swimmers.
  • No person, no matter the skill set, is drown-proof.

 Our priority is to teach children to love and respect the water safely. We are committed to providing swim lessons that build confidence and teach water safety skills in a child-centered environment.